Do you build the pavilion on site?

Pavilions are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready for assembly. Most of the work is done in-house, here at Mooretown Timbers and Beams, LLC. We are able to provide contractor names for you to contact regarding assembling the pavilion on your site.

What ground preparation do I need for a pavilion?

Depending on the size of the pavilion you are ordering, you will need Sonatubes or a concrete slab.  Putting wood directly on the ground will cause it to rot.

Should I stain my log cabin / pavilion?

Staining helps the pavilion weather better and keeps the wood from the elements. Although some people like the ‘greyed’ weather look.

What do you suggest as an exterior stain for my log cabin / pavilion?

We handle a superior line of oil base exterior stains manufactured by Continental Products. They have 12 different shades to choose from. Available in gallons and a handy 5 gallon can. Each gallon has a coverage of 250 sq.ft. Color charts available.

Continental Products

Will you stain my pavilion?

Mooretown Timbers and Beams, LLC does not stain the pavilion, however we can provide names of painters for staining.

How often do I need to stain my log home or cabin?

A rule of thumb is usually 3 to 5 years. A lot of this depends on the exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions.

Is there really a difference in metal roofing?

Yes there is! We like to educate our customers that there are different qualities of metal roofing within the same thickness. For example, the lower the gauge, the heavier the metal. We carry a heavy duty 27 gauge, a premium 28 gauge, and an economy 29 gauge. There is minimal price difference between the gauges and we always suggest you consider what you are using it for before making any decisions.

Lay it down and look at it, you can’t tell the difference and neither can I. Most people selling metal roofing don’t even know there is a difference. So, if you’re shopping for price, we suggest you go armed with this knowledge. We carry all grades to meet any budget.

We have been selling metal roofing for almost 30 years. Our knowledge, pricing, and quality cannot be beat!

Do you carry metal roofing accessories?

Yes, all trims and accessories are available for order. Custom trims are also available.

How do I measure for metal roofing?

Measure from the eave to the peak of the roof…mark down that measurement. Then measure your ridge for length. That is the information you want to have when you order. (The panels are 38″ wide which provides 3 ft of coverage.) We order the metal cut to the inch, that way you are not paying for any waste or labor cost in cutting it.

Everything is custom ordered since everyone wants a different length and color. If we have your order by noon on Monday, we will have your metal roofing delivered to the Mill no later than Friday.

See our metal roofing page for trim and color charts.