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Mooretown Timbers and Beams, LLC was created out of consumers continued interest in timber frame structures.  We specialize in a full line of timber frame buildings that can easily be converted into pavilions, cabins, garages, barns, or used to ‘add-a-porch’.  Enjoy the beauty of interior beams and timbers with the convenience of an ‘erector set’ assembly that saves time, labor, and money.  We are dedicated to excellence in design and craftsmanship.  Mooretown Timbers and Beams, LLC is located in Benton, PA.

Our ‘sister’ company is Mooretown Sawmill.  The Mill was a vision of owner Brian O’Keefe.  It began as a 10 acre patch of land in 1987 and has grown to over 40,000 sq. ft. under roof.  Our belief is that quality products and superior customer service are a company’s most important offerings.  Today, over 30 years later, we continue to offer a wide range of quality products and services.  Brian’s daily participation in the business assures our customers that all products meet his rigid standards.

Brian is the active owner of both the Mooretown Mill and Mooretown Timbers and Beams, LLC.  He has over 40 years of design and building experience.  As a young man in his early 20’s, Brian scraped up enough money to purchase a piece of land.  He designed and built (by hand) his octagon shaped house….one cinder block at a time.  And it has continued from there.  His real-life experience will rival the best educated in the trades!

Brian  is a member in many lumber organizations and is enthusiastic about educating the youth of PA in the lumber industry.

He is also passionate about motorcycles.  As a piece of trivia about the owner, Brian was the 1981 National Hare Scrambles Champion!  In his spare time, if any, he still enjoys riding his KTM motorcycles.

He lives at the Sawmill in Mooretown …and eats, breathes, and sleeps sawdust!

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